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Market Research with Facebook Fans?

Companies are gathering millions of fans in different sport activities around the globe. The rising amount of social relations is a thrilling opportunity to use these relations for market research. The question is: Can we really use our fans as a substitute for commercial recruitment of interviewees? Wht are the effects of a study done with Facebook fans?


Comparison of panel recruitment with Facebook recruitment

Recruiting Fans from adidas Facebook fansite adidas running Recruiting panelists from panelbiz.
Content: Survey about activities in the field of running and use of technical equipment
Methods: Different scaling approaches; Analytic Hierarchy Process to control consistency

Field Report

Recruiting in market research

Time frame: 3 days panel vs. 53 days on Facebook in 2011
Drop-out: 33,0% Facebook; 7,8% Panel
Languages: German
More information: Slideshare Presentation


Fans differ from a representative sample

Fans are quite deviant in behaviour. Their fanship makes them different in comparison to a general public. Fans can therefore be perfectly used for any kind of innovation research in a specific field. For general questions the fans are less appropriate. On of the main findings was the equality of results in non-topic-related questions.