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Decision making in package design

The world of retailing is deigning more and more own brands to attract the consumer. After designing food and beverages under the retail brand more and more products of a more luxurious field are attacked by retailers. The research problem of the retailer targeted general acceptance of several approaches in terms of quality, price and branding.


Allow competition between real brands and planed brands
Several approaches of a potential development of the retailer were compared mit existing products.
Content: Test of design, package and willingness to pay for different potential approaches.
Methods: Package design tests, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Price Sensitivity Meterfield report

Field Report

Selected customers in online interview

Company: Leading Swiss retailer offering several brand levels
Number of participants: 600 selected customers of the category
Time frame: 10 days online research
Language: German


Clear definition of potential target groups

The retailer could define market chances for the different brands knowing which customer groups would react to the defined impulse. Measurement of the willingness to pay in comparison with top brands showed the potential of different approaches.