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Interviews with small groups in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical studies range from very small samples to extremely large samples. The legal issues in interview doctor and patients are quite strict. In an online situation respecting all legal requirements, the interview is possible even obtaining better results than in a face-to-face interview situation which is biased by the process itself. Several series of interviews with doctors and patients show the impact of questfox in these delicate situations.


Creating trustworthy questionnaires

The situation for the pharmaceutical industry is always a delicate one. Specially designed questionnaires with a high trustworthiness show better results, than the standard forms used in the industry.
Content: Several issues for special medication or consumer products in the field of contraception
Methods: Entire set of questfox methodology used in different studies.

Field Report

All kinds of settings successfully handled

Company: Several international pharmaceutical companies already used questfox
Number of participants: The smallest samples consisting of 12 doctors to large samples interviewing 8.5000 consumers
Time frame: 2-8 weeks
Languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish


Valuable findings from difficult to reach target groups

The major advantages lie int the different methodologies which can be used online. The specifics of the pharmaceutical industry could often be solved with online decision making models. These models can be used with small samples and be effective based on the small available number of cases.