Mobile and Pad Questionnaires

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The future of the newspaper on tablet PC

With the success of Apple’s iPad and several mobile tablet devices new applications become successfull bringing the newspaper to the mobile device in a convenient format. The goal of the yearly study is the measurement of the development of changing user behaviour in the market of readers of newspapers. How do people adopt to the new offers in a purely digital market of newspapers?


iPad only study

Only iPad users were targeted and interviewed about their changing behaviour
Content: Questions about the usage of the iPad Measurement of the amount of apps installed and e-newspaper shops used
Methods: Rating scales, Analytic Hierarchy Process on iPad, Special design to meet the touch experience on the iPad

Field Report

Joint study of sales chain with professional association

Company: German Magazine Publishers association together with the biggest german reseller of Apple products.
Number of participants: 5050
Time frame: 12 days
Language: German


Constant measuring of changing behaviour

The yearly study showed major shifts in behaviour in media usage. Users of the iPad might be an indicator of future development and therefore are role models for future behaviour. Inside this group behaviour in media usage changes permanently and rapidly. The study helps to keep track with this development.