Household Appliances

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How to design products in international market

A major producer of household appliances needed to design the features of a product in different international markets with different customer behaviour and needs. Market research needs to take into account the different brands in the markets and needs to respect a completely different usage of the same product.


Integration international consumers via panel

Multilingual study with an international panel provider covering 4 countries
Content: Rating of existing features, Evaluation of new feature sets
Methods: Price Sensitivity Meter, Analytic Hierarchy Process

Field Report

International panel

Company: German producer of household appliances with a global brand
Number of participants: 5.000 contacts with quota resulting in 2.400
Time frame: 3 times 2 weeks
Languages: English, French, German


International feedback on design and features

The producer received valuable feedback about his own brand and the perception of the competitors brands. With the decision making models different routes of potential developments where developed.