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Decision making in package design

Producers of FMCG produce a variety of packages every year. The decision making process is often driven by corporate design rules. After some experience employees tend to have a professional bias in judgement the design of their own products.


Decision support inside-out

Benchmark of different internal and external groups Management, employees, distributors and potential buyers
Content: Creation of decision support models
Methods: Online Analytic Hierarchy Process modell combining existing packages and new designs

Field Report

Management decision making overnight

Company: Producer of food coming from Liechtenstein
Number of participants: 30 employees, 300 panelists
Time frame: 8 days
Management interview: overnight
Language: German


Quick improvement in design

The company gathered valuable internal feedback overnight which could be compared with customer opionions 8 days later. The gap in options led to a re-briefing of the creative agency which designed a totally new range of packages. Theses packages became extremely successful on the market.