Electrical Engineering

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Research in technically driven environments

A provider of electrical engineering products was looking for feedback in a world of very specific demands in complex B2B relations. As the client relations were delicate, the producer wanted to contact them whether personally or in a high-value online approach. questfox was showing ways to interact with those high-value customers.


Using speaking avatars as interviewers

Besides the methological background, the use of a female speaking avatar reading the questions out loud, convinced a high percentage of clients to fully respond to the interview (80%)
Content: Innovations in electrical engineering and client’s needs.
Methods: Price Sensitivity Meter, Analytic Hierarchy Process modells, Ratingscales

Field Report

International panel

Company: Swiss branch of a multinational company
Number of participants: 108
Time frame: 5 days of online research
Language: German


Findings about product development and clients interested in the research approach.

The company received valuable input for the future development of their products right from their key account clients. Even though the company is untertaking a lot of questionnaires on a daily basis, this research proved to be special. For the first time ever the company received questions about the interesting research methology and the technical approach.