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Brand behaviour of employees

All lot of factors have an influence on data quality in a survey situation. Online research can be a powerful solution in case of delicate questions. All topics dealing with issues like sex, violance, racsism etc. can hardly be interviewed without influence in a classic interview situation. questfox is able to turn delicate situations into interesting interactions. The online interview situation allows you to analyze these delicate issues much better.


Interaction that make the interviewee feel comfortable

A totally anonymous approach with an appealing design. No personal details asked.
Content: Sexual behaviour; contraception methods; lifestyle
Methods: Ratingscales, Involvement, Analytic Hierarchy Process

Field Report

Research panel

Company: German market leader in condoms managing different brands
Number of participants: 600 quota sampled participants under 35 years
Time frame: 6 days of online interviews
Language: German


Valuable results from real customers

The company was able to test new designs with existing clients and interested non-clients.
Delicate issues in the field of sex toys like vibrating devices and other things could be analyzed with a serious market research approach. Serious fun® is possible with questfox®.