Brand Behaviour

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Brand behaviour of employees

Companies define corporate design and the behaviour of the vrand in different contexts. But are the employees really living the brand as defined? How can an employer make sure that the brand is living inside the people?


Measuring Brand Citizenship Behaviour

Brand Citizenship Behaviour (BCB) is a measurement construct based on several scientific research projects
Approach: Interviewing employees of different branches with the BCB approach
Methods: Scales of BCB, Analytic Hierarchy Process

Field Report

Internal study

Company: Swiss IT company in the field of online development
Number of participants: All employees in 3 branches in Switzerland
Time frame: 2 weeks
Language: German


Deviant brand behaviour

The surprising results clearly showed that the company incorporated different clusters of brand behaviour. The best explaining factor for deviant brand behaviour could be found in the duration of employement. Employees having experienced different brand management approaches overtime were less likely to take over the younger ideas in branding. Newbees performed very conform to the company’s branding ideas.