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How to interview your most important clients?

Dealing with extremely valuable customers is a tough task when a company wants to undertake market research. Why should a top manager spend 10 minutes of his valuable time with an interview that might be boring to him? Why should a high net worth individual allow his bank to answer some questions? The answer is an interesting approach that might give back some individual feedback.


Design a high value approach to interact with high value clients

An artificial brand in a specific industry was developed in order to raise the clients interest
Approach: Special design in the company’s CD
Methods: Analytic Hierarchy Process approach combining weighting and rating of existing products and new product ideas.

Field Report

Key account responses about future development

Company: Swiss branch of a US company operating globally
Time frame: Study set up and field time – 6 weeks
Language: German


Key account satisfaction grew

The very complex set-up of the study paid off.
80% of the key account clients fully completed the interview leaving valuable input and feedback.
Overall customer satisfaction grew due to the study itself.